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Internationally renowned researcher Patrick Valduriez, currently Chief Scientific Officer of LeanXcale, has been named a Fellow of the Asia-Pacific Artificial Intelligence
LeanXcale continues its growth in the payments industry with this agreement with CTI Soluciones, one of the most important companies
LeanXcale continúa su expansión en la industria de pagos con este acuerdo con CTI Soluciones, una de las empresas más
20th July | 16:00 Central Africa Time Discover how it is possible to clear 25 million moves in less than
8 de JUNIO | 16:00 CoT Descubra cómo es posible compensar 25 millones de transacciones en menos de 5 minutos
25th may| 16:00 indian standard time Discover how it is possible to clear 25 million moves in less than 5
18 de mayo | 18:00 CET Descubra cómo es posible compensar 25 millones de transacciones en menos de 5 minutos
15th JUNE| 18:00 CET Discover how it is possible to clear 25 million moves in less than 5 minutes with
16 de febrero | 18:00 CET Descubre cómo crear una aplicación JAVA escalable de forma fácil y rápida utilizando las
About OpenXava OpenXava is the most popular open source Java domain-driven framework with high productivity, focused on the development of
February 7 - 18:00 IST Find out what NewSQL databases are and how they will change the finance and insurance
5 January | 18:00 WIB | 1 hour Analysis of available information has always been a key element in the
17 de NOVIEMBRE | 18:00 CET | Duración 1h Descubre cómo una mejora técnica permitió a CESCE agilizar el cálculo
2nd march | 12:00 PM ET | 9:00 AM PT | 1 hour duration Discover the data strategy of Informa
13 de septiembre | 18:00 CET | Duración 1h El análisis de la información disponible ha sido siempre un elemento
NewSQL is the latest technological development within the big data management landscape that is enjoying a fast growth rate in
Penteo is an independent IT consulting company leading the largest community of digital managers in Spain. In this document they
12 de Julio | 18:00 | Duración 1h Las bases de datos SQL se caracterizan por unos tiempos de inserción
12 de Julio | 18:00 | Duración 1h Las bases de datos SQL se caracterizan por unos tiempos de inserción
JUNE 2 - 17:00 CET Find out what NewSQL databases are and how they will change the finance and insurance
In this article published in the top database journal Information Systems, Ricardo Jimenez-Peris, Diego Burgos, Francisco Ballesteros, Marta Patiño, and Patrick
NoSQL Databases The term NoSQL, meaning “Not Only SQL”, first appeared in the late 1990s in reference to the new
17 de marzo - 16:00 CET Descubre qué son las bases de datos NewSQL, y cómo estan cambiando sectores intensivos
March 17 - 16:00 CET Find out what NewSQL databases are and how they will change the finance and insurance
Motivation: Reduce the intake time in financial/insurance data pipelines The ability to make informed decisions has become a differential asset
- The two Spanish companies have signed a commercial alliance whereby InVerbis will use the LeanXcale database to provide scalable
Introduction Technological growth is constantly modifying the way in which business is conducted. The ease with which enormous volumes of
Until several years ago, the database world was simple and all SQL. Nowadays, we also have NoSQL and NewSQL. Now
– In an online event held on May 27th, LeanXcale showed the details of the project developed at Informa D&B,
What is the CAP theorem? It is actually a misnomer and a poorly understood result of distributed systems theory. Let’s
Data pipelines on data-driven companies In recent years, companies have started to make the most of their data assets. This
- Following the successful implementation of the LeanXcale database at CESCE, LeanXcale has launched a series of webinars to share
Motivation: Supporting 360º View of Monitored Systems at Any Scale Monitoring applications must deal with systems of very different sizes;
Shared-nothing has become the dominant parallel architecture for big data systems, such as MapReduce and Spark, analytics platforms, NoSQL databases
Motivation: Support Any Historical Monitoring Data Depth with High Efficiency One of the main tasks of a monitoring tool is
Cluster Replication and Logarithmic Scalability If you have been using cluster replication with some open source operational database, you might
Motivation: Supporting High Data Ingestion Rates and Performing Frequent Aggregate Queries In real time analytics, a major requirement is to
Para cualquier aseguradora, la estimación de riesgos basada en toda la información disponible es un elemento crítico.  Sin embargo, este
Scalability & Performance What is scalability? Scalability is an overloaded term that has been perverted by technical marketing to confuse
Motivation: Supporting High Data Ingestion Rates and Efficient SQL queries The cost of monitoring solutions highly depends on the required
If you are familiar with our previous posts, you probably know about the many disruptive features available in LeanXcale. Linear
In previous posts, we talked about LeanXcale disruptive features, like its linear scalability, online aggregations, and bi-dimensional partitioning. In this
Hi! In this post, I demonstrate how to connect an R application to a LeanXcale database with the LeanXcale JDBC
In this post, we continue working with Debezium and LeanXcale configured for a common client scenario that has a large
One important requirement many clients ask us to work on with LeanXcale is to have an instance running in parallel
I want to share how to build a simple loader for CSV files using statistics that show the COVID-19 evolution
As promised, here is the continuation of the post about the Kafka connector for LeanXcale. Let's see how to execute it!
As a crucial component of the toolset required to establish an effective operational or Big Data architecture with LeanXcale, we
This article explains how LeanXcale is deployed to adjust its components to different types of workloads. LeanXcale is a database
LeanXcale is a participant of the Cybele EU project within the framework of the H2020 program. Through this collaboration, more
To improve its behavior as a transactional and analytical processing (HTAP) database, LeanXcale provides a new feature for supporting online
Hi! Welcome back! In this new post, I will show you how to connect your Scala application to a LeanXcale
This post demonstrates how to combine the use of Apache Spark and LeanXcale to build a simple movie-recommendation engine, taking
The project, which has received 16 million euros in European funds and brings together some of the largest banks in
In this post, I will show how we can use the LeanXcale database to build a web application following the
MariaDB is one of the most popular and widely adopted relational databases in the world. LeanXcale is an ultra-scalable relational
New applications, such as geo-marketing tools, car-sharing, or mobility apps, require handling large data volumes. Traditionally, most applications that require
KEY CONCEPTS A database is essentially "an organized collection of data." Of course, this idea of being “organized" holds an
In the world of databases, most people have encountered some “hidden” processes executed in the background resulting in the spoiling
In this post, I show how to set up a local LeanXcale environment using Docker and Docker Compose for development
Today, NoSQL databases are widely used with key-value datastores being one of the most used of all database varieties. The
INTRODUCTION Today, companies are storing more data compared to years ago, which creates a need for systems capable of storing
Geospatial data refers to objects (in the wide sense of the object word) that may have a representation on the
In previous posts, we showed how to stream Twitter data into a LeanXcale database using a direct API. In today's post,
Recently, I read a post about streaming Twitter data into a MySQL database to filter and store tweets for further analysis. Today,
Top database researcher and new scientific advisor at LeanXcale, Patrick Valduriez, talks to us about the latest trends on database
Originally posted by Ricardo Jimenez on LinkedIn Taking advantage of my visit to Boston due to our stand at
We are happy to announce that Patrick Valduriez has now joined LeanXcale as scientific advisor! Patrick is a senior scientist