LeanXcale database solution is now validated with HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Enterprise

Madrid, Spain — June 27, 2024 – LeanXcale, a software vendor that provides an ultra-scalable relational database for banking and financial services, today announced it will collaborate with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to include LeanXcale database in the HPE GreenLake partner portfolio. It enables HPE GreenLake cloud customers to benefit from LeanXcale’s high insertion rates, real-time aggregation, and linear horizontal scalability, specially designed to accelerate payment, clearing, risk management, and fraud detection.

LeanXcale is a disruptive company working to provide the most innovative database solution for the banking, insurance, and financial services industries. Its inclusion in the HPE GreenLake cloud solutions portfolio will enable LeanXcale access to a global customer base and integration with advanced infrastructure, all within a secure and scalable cloud environment.

In this regard, Ricardo Jimenez, CEO and founder of LeanXcale, said, “We are very pleased to collaborate with HPE. This agreement will allow us to continue growing as the best banking and financial services database in collaboration with the most important cloud infrastructure provider.”

LeanXcale was designed and created from scratch, developing reliable technology from innovation and making it a unique solution. Thanks to its disruptive, robust, and patented technology, LeanXcale provides exceptionally efficient batch process acceleration, real-time analysis, and a scalable operational database.

“We are very pleased to be able to include the LeanXcale solution in our portfolio, and we think our customers will agree,” said Philip Sailer, Senior Director for Hybrid Cloud Partner Ecosystem, HPE . “It offers unique features that will really help our users develop their projects in the best possible way.”