LeanXcale continues its growth in the payments industry with this agreement with CTI Soluciones, one of the most important companies in the sector, which will enhance its portfolio of services and applications with the benefits provided by the LeanXcale database.

CTI Soluciones is one of the main players in the payments industry in Spain, as evidenced by its business figures: it processes 15% of national payments, equivalent to 1.7 million transactions handled daily, and 98% of the country’s financial institutions use its services.

Under the new agreement, CTI will include LeanXcale’s database solution in its offering, specialize in its development and maintenance, and develop new services and products using this powerful database.

The database developed by the Spanish startup provides superior performance to other options on the market in common use cases in this industry, such as clearing houses, real-time payment processing, instant fraud detection, ISO20022 processing, and real-time analysis of information associated with payments.

Ricardo Jimenez, CEO of LeanXcale, has stated that “with CTI’s support, we can enhance integration, migration and management services to bring the LeanXcale solution to many more places. CTI’s knowledge and experience in the payments industry will enable us to leverage LeanXcale’s unique features.”

Meanwhile, Jordi de la Asunción, CTI’s CIO, highlighted the importance of the LeanXcale tool in the group’s technological transformation process: “LeanXcale’s technical features allow us to be much more efficient in the business, developing solutions that are beyond the forefront of the sector, and this is crucial in an industry as competitive and demanding as this is.”