About OpenXava

OpenXava is the most popular open source Java domain-driven framework with high productivity, focused on the development of enterprise web applications adaptable to multiple platforms. It is a free platform with more than 250,000 downloads and is available in more than 10 languages.
Now, OpenXava supports integration with LeanXcale, as it does with the most popular databases such as Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL.

Benefits of using LeanXcale in OpenXava

Better performance
The performance and licensing model of LeanXcale result in more affordable ownership. View this detailed ROI.
Scale as much as needed
LeanXcale’s linear scalability and versatility allows your platform to adapt to any workload. Developing your MVP on LeanXcale prepares you for any future growth.
Easy to use
Migration and use of LeanXcale is easy because it is a full ANSI 2003 SQL-based database.

Start using LeanXcale with OpenXava

Start now using LeanXcale in OpenXava and get a 25% discount on LeanXcale instances for the whole first year using the code LXOPENXAVA.

Webinar: LeanXcale & OpenXava

Learn more about LeanXcale & OpenXava possibilities in our webinar “LeanXcale & OpenXava: la forma más fácil de construir una app Java ultrascalable” next 16 February. This time it will be in Spanish, but stay tuned for the English version!