InVerbis increases the efficiency of its process intelligence, thanks to LeanXcale

– The two Spanish companies have signed a commercial alliance whereby InVerbis will use the LeanXcale database to provide scalable and real-time analysis on its process analysis platform. – With […]


Finance or Insurance Company? How to speed up data processing and why you should

Introduction Technological growth is constantly modifying the way in which business is conducted. The ease with which enormous volumes of data are collected, stored and processed is allowing old-fashioned, corporate […]


Until several years ago, the database world was simple and all SQL. Nowadays, we also have NoSQL and NewSQL. Now the question is which one is better and for what? […]

LeanXcale presents its success story at Informa D&B

– In an online event held on May 27th, LeanXcale showed the details of the project developed at Informa D&B, leading business information company in Spain, Portugal, and Colombia, and […]

CAP Theorem

Understanding the CAP Theorem and its No Relationship to Scalability

What is the CAP theorem? It is actually a misnomer and a poorly understood result of distributed systems theory. Let’s start with the story. In 2000, Eric Brewer from UC […]

Measuring the Return on Investment of LeanXcale on Data Pipelines

Data pipelines on data-driven companies In recent years, companies have started to make the most of their data assets. This means they can utilize their resources better, personalize their portfolio […]

360º View at Any Scale

LeanXcale holds first of several joint webinars with CESCE

– Following the successful implementation of the LeanXcale database at CESCE, LeanXcale has launched a series of webinars to share the success story with other companies in the banking and […]