Webinar “LeanXcale & OpenXava: la forma más fácil de construir una app Java ultrascalable”

16 de febrero | 18:00 CET Descubre cómo crear una aplicación JAVA escalable de forma fácil y rápida utilizando las capacidades combinadas de OpenXava y LeanXcale. INTRO ¿Has necesitado alguna […]

LeanXcale database is now available for OpenXava users

About OpenXava OpenXava is the most popular open source Java domain-driven framework with high productivity, focused on the development of enterprise web applications adaptable to multiple platforms. It is a […]

Webinar: NewSQL in Finance and Insurance

February 7 – 18:00 IST Find out what NewSQL databases are and how they will change the finance and insurance industries from Patrick Valduriez, one of the world’s leading database […]

Real-Time Analytics in Banking, Insurance, & Financial Services: How to Process and Analyse Massive Data Loads in Real Time

5 January | 18:00 WIB | 1 hour Analysis of available information has always been a key element in the financial industries. Companies need to process information as soon as […]

Cómo una mejora de la BBDD puede transformar el negocio: el caso de CESCE

17 de NOVIEMBRE | 18:00 CET | Duración 1h Descubre cómo una mejora técnica permitió a CESCE agilizar el cálculo de riesgo incurrido y los beneficios que esto ha generado […]

How Informa Dun & Bradstreet sped up its data processing from days to minutes

2nd march | 12:00 PM ET | 9:00 AM PT | 1 hour duration Discover the data strategy of Informa Dun & Bradstreet, the branch of Dun & Bradstreet in […]

Real-time analytics en banca, seguros y servicios financieros: cómo procesar y analizar cargas masivas de datos en tiempo real

13 de septiembre | 18:00 CET | Duración 1h El análisis de la información disponible ha sido siempre un elemento clave en los sectores financieros. Las empresas necesitan analizar la […]


NewSQL Databases

NewSQL is the latest technological development within the big data management landscape that is enjoying a fast growth rate in the DBMS and BI markets. NewSQL combines the scalability and […]

CESCE Success Story by PENTEO

Penteo is an independent IT consulting company leading the largest community of digital managers in Spain. In this document they make an exhaustive analysis of the project developed by CESCE […]