Until several years ago, the database world was simple and all SQL. Nowadays, we also have NoSQL and NewSQL. Now the question is which one is better and for what? […]

LeanXcale presents its success story at Informa D&B

– In an online event held on May 27th, LeanXcale showed the details of the project developed at Informa D&B, leading business information company in Spain, Portugal, and Colombia, and […]

CAP Theorem

Understanding the CAP Theorem and its No Relationship to Scalability

What is the CAP theorem? It is actually a misnomer and a poorly understood result of distributed systems theory. Let’s start with the story. In 2000, Eric Brewer from UC […]

Measuring the Return on Investment of LeanXcale on Data Pipelines

Data pipelines on data-driven companies In recent years, companies have started to make the most of their data assets. This means they can utilize their resources better, personalize their portfolio […]

360º View at Any Scale

LeanXcale holds first of several joint webinars with CESCE

– Following the successful implementation of the LeanXcale database at CESCE, LeanXcale has launched a series of webinars to share the success story with other companies in the banking and […]

The Case for Shared Nothing

360º View of Monitored Systems at Any Scale: LeanXcale Linear Horizontal Scalability

Motivation: Supporting 360º View of Monitored Systems at Any Scale Monitoring applications must deal with systems of very different sizes; from a simple web server to several large data centers. […]

Blend Current and Historical Data