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Webinar “LeanXcale & OpenXava: la forma más fácil de construir una app Java ultrascalable”

16 de febrero | 18:00 CET Descubre cómo crear una aplicación JAVA escalable de forma fácil y rápida utilizando las capacidades combinadas de OpenXava y LeanXcale. INTRO ¿Has necesitado alguna […]

LeanXcale database is now available for OpenXava users

About OpenXava OpenXava is the most popular open source Java domain-driven framework with high productivity, focused on the development of enterprise web applications adaptable to multiple platforms. It is a […]

Webinar: NewSQL in Finance and Insurance

February 7 – 18:00 IST Find out what NewSQL databases are and how they will change the finance and insurance industries from Patrick Valduriez, one of the world’s leading database […]

Real-Time Analytics in Banking, Insurance, & Financial Services: How to Process and Analyse Massive Data Loads in Real Time

5 January | 18:00 WIB | 1 hour Analysis of available information has always been a key element in the financial industries. Companies need to process information as soon as […]


Distributed Database Concepts

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Database for financial and insurance companies

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