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Curso Online Gratuito: Cómo insertar y procesar más de 500.000 filas por segundo en una base de datos SQL

12 de Julio | 18:00 | Duración 1h Las bases de datos SQL se caracterizan por unos tiempos de inserción mucho más lentos que los de bases de datos NoSQL, […]

Webinar: NewSQL in Finance and Insurance

JUNE 2 – 17:00 CET Find out what NewSQL databases are and how they will change the finance and insurance industries from Patrick Valduriez, one of the world’s leading database […]

Elastic scalable transaction processing in LeanXcale

In this article published in the top database journal Information Systems, Ricardo Jimenez-Peris, Diego Burgos, Francisco Ballesteros, Marta Patiño, and Patrick Valduriez discuss the following topics: A complete solution for elastic scalable […]


Distributed Database Concepts

Learn more about databases and their features in this series of posts!

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Database for financial and insurance companies

Discover how LeanXcale can speed up data processing in banking and insurance industries!


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